Choosing a Rescue Dog..

Rehoming a dog from an animal shelter is the best decision you will ever make.  Giving a loving home to a pet which has found themselves unloved for whatever reason is going to bring both joy to your life but completely transform that of the animal. 

Here are some top tips to think about when choosing the right pet for your home & family:

How big is your space?

A Great Dane can grow up to 34 inches and a grown male can weigh in at up to 90kg, so a small apartment is probably not the most suitable!  Think about where you live & your access to outdoor space.  Every dog needs outdoor space, although a Chihuahua will need less than the gentle giant of the Great Dane.

How much is your budget?

Pets are not cheap, however you need to factor in food costs on top of the fixed costs of vet bills, beds & toys.  The average cost of pet food per month is in the region of £25 per dog, however a large dog will consume way more than a small dog. 

Think about the breed.

Choosing a rescue pet

When choosing a preferred breed to rescue, think about the people in your home.  If you have small children or elderly grandparents in your home, you may want to consider calmer, smaller breeds rather than more highly strung characters which need more training and walking.  Choose a breed which fits with your lifestyle, however, keep an open mind, rescue centres are not prescriptive, and you may need to wait a while for your perfect pooch or research another breed if one pops up!

Training time.

Do you have the time to train an unruly or highly strung pet?  All pets require a certain level of input where training is concerned but talk through with the rescue centre the specific training needs of any pet you are considering rehoming and make sure you have the time to meet their needs.

Do you have experience?

Choosing a rescue dog

Are you a pet owner already or is this rescue pet going to be your first foray into pet ownership?  If the former, you will know what to expect, however if this is your first family pet then choose a breed which you know you can handle in terms of exercising, energy levels and personalities.  Be aware of the other pets within your household too, make sure they will be a good fit too.


Be prepared!

Its exciting for everyone, both pet and owner, to bring a rescue pet home.choosing a rescue dog However, do your homework, research your breed, make the house ready and be prepared to put the time into the animal.  It will take about 3 weeks for the pet to feel settled, sometimes calming down but sometimes finding their feet and confidence more.  Both can create issues, so have the mindset for the long haul and talk to your vet or rescue centre if you experience any issues you cannot handle in those first few months.  Asking for advice is crucial for the happiness of both pet & owner!

Finally, although it has been a tough start for your rescue pet, they will be the best friend you ever brought home!




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