Why TWALKING With Your Pooch Is So Important!


Our best friends and saviours of lockdown!  Walking your dog has become everyone’s favourite pastime in these last few months and TWALKING, walking and talking, is one of the new wellness trends of 2021!

Humans crave social interaction and this new trend has been a welcome activity for many and dogs couldn’t be happier!  Talking with your dog can help relieve stress, anxiety and they DO understand! 

Linked closely with improved mental health, getting out everyday will improve your overall health and fitness plus our beloved pets benefit too!  They will not only enjoy stretching those legs but they love the 1:1 this gives them, improving their own health & wellbeing.

Its well documented that dogs can pick up on your emotions, body language as well as intonation.  More than just understanding Sit, Stay or Walk, they can learn the meanings behind many words and grasp what you want them to do, so...



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